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Heartsnatchers Chapter Seventeen
Things were getting more and more intense as Germatoid put the professor's children through their relentless training. There was a miniature gymnasium set up and they were all forced to endure five hours straight exercising each day. Chagama had even been persuaded to wear strong, sturdy footwear for these sessions. She was sensible enough to realize how vulnerable her feet and toes would be to serious injury uncovered. Germatoid barked orders through the professor's vocal chords and they grunted, puffed and sweated over all the weights and cardio equipment. “Hop to it you wimps. This is serious war. If you can't prove yourselves hardened warrior women you'll die just like your mother and some of your sisters have done.”
They believed this was their daddy urging them on for their own good, but Souchi Tomoe was no longer himself. His humanity was completely dormant with Germatoid operating his body. He constantly gave deranged fits of laughter as he spoke to the unsuspecting
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Sixteen
It was three days after Raye and Serena had their last major fight. When they finally settled down Raye had been humbled. Serena, however kept trying to justify herself but nobody would listen to her. So she shut up in a sulky huff while Raye bowed her head and said, “I'm very sorry everybody. Luna. Artemis. I'll get started right away doing what you told me to consult the fire about in the first place.”
“Apology accepted Raye.” Luna smiled and Artemis did too.
“Let us know as soon as you find out anything.”
So Raye set to work kneeling before the Sacred Flame praying earnestly for information about the evil forces that were kidnapping people all over again. The fire gently crackled and pulsated and Raye remembered how she had deprived herself of sleep back a long time ago. She had promised her friends she would not push herself that far this time. Therefore she only devoted the afternoons to her chanting and had a good night's sleep and relaxed in t
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Fifteen
Things were beginning to worry the Sailor Scouts. Ever since the disappearance of that family during the events that happened during the festival, public outcry was beginning to rear its ugly head once more. Some said, “Why are they letting it happen all over again? Why can't they put a stop to it?” Thus people began to argue with themselves for and against their super-heroines and everywhere the girls went they were discomforted to witness these conflicts.
Serena, Darien and Rini were sitting on a bench in the park quietly talking about this. “It's exactly the way it was before we saved all those people Darien,” Serena sighed gloomily. “Why are they so wishy-washy?”
“You can't fully blame them Serena,” said Rini. “Just think how upset and terrified they must be.”
Serena turned to look at Rini with wide eyes as she went on. “Fear can affect the way people think. Makes them react in harsh ways.”
Darien agreed.
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Fourteen
It had been almost two weeks since the Sailor Scouts had rescued Molly, Melvin and all the others. Things were so quiet that people were holding hope that the terror had passed and public opinion had fully shifted back to praise and admiration for their super heroine team. Everybody was talking about the newest member, Sailor Mini-Moon.
“Cousin” Rini had come back for another extended “visit” courtesy of Serena's “Aunt” Trista and Serena's parents and brother Sammy were very thrilled with her company. The Scouts knew that sooner or later the enemy would strike again and Rini vowed to help them. “After I returned home my mother and father began authorizing the future selves of your friends to train me to follow in her footsteps as the new Sailor Moon,” she explained to Serena.
“Hey! I don't like that term new. I'm Sailor Moon and I'm not ready to step down.”
“You're not being told to step down silly Meat-ball Head. I'm go
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Thirteen
Germatoid and Mistress 9 were preparing to extract Darien's heart next while the four girls were all trapped in Kaori's hair. Eudial had carefully placed Serena's locket in her bag along with her beating heart and was eagerly watching the proceedings. Uranus and Neptune were also quietly observing uneasy awaiting to see when whoever Sailor Pluto was sending from the future would arrive.
Before the demons could use Cenecienta to extract Darien's heart a small figure with pink hair similar to Serena's materialized a few feet away. She was dressed in a Sailor Scout uniform and she held a small pink stick with a crystal heart attached to it. “Hold it,” she cried. “I have been sent from the distant future through the Door to Time by my dear friend Sailor Pluto. I am Sailor Mini-Moon and in the Name of the Future Moon Kingdom on Earth, I will save this past world and punish you.”
Darien gasped. “Rini!”
Raye cried, “It must be her,” and the othe
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Twelve
Cenecienta and Haikyun had both learned to talk very well in just under one week. Souchi, Kaori and even Hotaru were so pleased with the new additions to their family. The Tomoes were considering boosting up production with the oven they built to make at least two new daughters next time.
“Before we proceed with growing our family, it's important that we begin to teach them more about the world beyond our home,” said the professor to Eudial.
“And I shall be with you and the others when you take them out Eudial,” added Kaori. “Starting with the first of our oven-born, Cenecienta. We've told all our girls that they will have their turns one by one after her. They are very excited.”
“Of course Souchi and Kaori.” Eudial smiled slyly. “I shall get Cenecienta ready. We will need to disguise her in regular clothing that people generally wear, so as not to attract undue attention. We shall go in twenty minutes to half an hour.”
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Eleven
Serena and her friends were back at school. Amy was top of her class as usual and the other girls were not doing too badly themselves. Except for Serena however. Despite the best efforts of her friends to help her at their study sessions she was barely achieving 25% on her exam papers. “Hey! It's not my fault. Miss H. should have set questions that related to the parts of my study that I could clearly remember well.”
That was her sheepish excuse to Darien, but he smiled, shrugging his shoulders and said, “You're a hopeless Meatball-head. But you're my hopeless Meatball-head,” before taking her to the ice-cream parlour. Serena felt ashamed. Deep down she knew she had broken her promise to Darien, though he truly cared about her. Enough to forgive her.
She still couldn't understand why he had cast off his Tuxedo Mask persona however. The other girls had been flabbergasted and so had Luna and Artemis when she'd told them. But they all reluctantly accepted the situa
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Ten
Raye was rather sleepy that morning. She had been up for almost three quarters of the night praying in front of the Sacred Fire. Chad had been very worried about her. He had been watching her through the doorway to the Shrine. He had been woken up himself by her monotonous chanting. “I am flame. Flame is light. I am fire. Fire is sight. I am flame. Flame is light. I am fire. Fire is sight.”
Chad had attempted to talk to her to no avail. She just kept staring at the fire saying those words over and over. He sighed. “The old master was right it seems when he told me that nothing can bring her out of her shell when she gets in these trances. But I wish she would talk to me about what's worrying her. If she doesn't sleep it will be detrimental to her health.”
In the end he had given up and gone to his own bedroom laying down in a troubled sleep. In the meantime Raye had kept on intently chanting and praying to the fire. She was very worried. She desperately wanted t
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Nine
Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita and Mina were all at the Moto Cross race tracks that morning to watch Michelle's friend Amara compete. They were all very excited and hoped that he would win, but as they were getting off the bus when it pulled up at their destination Serena had a start.
“Hey you girls. I could swear I saw Darien over there in the crowd for a split second. Then he quickly turned and disappeared.”
“Darien!” exclaimed Mina.
“Are you positive it was him?” asked Lita.
Serena sighed. “No. I admit it looked like him, but I suppose I could have been mistaken. Come to think of it though, it's been a long time since he's participated in any of our battles. Why?”
Serena almost had a fit when Raye said, “Remember Serena? He wants you to significantly improve your grades first. That's why we've been trying to help you studying together at my place.”
Amy quickly put her arm around her shoulders to calm her saying, “There there
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Eight
Amy was so very happy because her dear friend Greg had told her on Skype that his parents were letting him come to stay with her for three days during what was left of the holidays. She had been so excited to hear this wonderful news and now she had met him at the train station.
As they hugged she said, “I'm so delighted to see you again Greg.”
“Me too Amy. Skype is really nothing compared to face to face. I've missed you.”
“I've missed you too Greg.”
Greg then asked her where the other girls were. “They're having a study session today. But I'm spending the day with you,” Amy explained.
Greg was amazed. “You are actually skipping studies all day Amy?”
She smiled. “Yes. Last night I spent three hours studying by myself after my evening meal before going to bed. I won't be behind at all.”
Greg laughed. “That's the Amy I know and love so much. Anyway where are we going?”
“I thought we'd go to the swi
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Seven
It was the day after the ill-fated lovers contest and the city was beginning to feel a sense of gloomy fear. Molly and Melvin's families were heartbroken at their loss and the public was agitated and terrified. Some of them even spoke negatively about the Sailor Scouts saying things to the general effect of if they were the super-heroines they claimed to be, then why hadn't they destroyed the mysterious enemies. Others were a little more fair though imploring their friends to remember how horrible things had been when other evil forces were terrorizing and sometimes killing people. The Sailor Scouts had eventually vanquished that horror. “Just give them time. They won't let us down.”
Some believed but the camp was divided.
At that moment Serena and Lita were on their way together to meet their friends at Raye's temple. Officially they were supposed to be having study sessions, but they didn't think they'd be pursuing much of that. They were all rather upset and needed to di
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Six
Hotaru and her sisters were all in their common room watching cartoon DVDs together while Professor Tomoe and his wife were preparing to surprise them with a new sibling. After taping cotton wool to Kaori's arm behind her elbow, he took the syringe and added the blood to the mixture in the test tube.
Kaori walked over to stand by his side as he gently shook the test tube before holding it over the bunsen burner. “Oh Souchi. How I love to help you bring our children to life.”
“Yes Kaori. Do you hear little one? We love you even before you begin to exist.”
“Hello Professors,” said a bright, cheerful voice and they turned to see that Mimette had just entered.
“Hello Mimette,” said Kaori. “Our new baby's almost ready.”
Souchi cried in jubilation. “The test tube is beginning to break now.” As he spoke the pod inside expanded and burst forth as he turned off the bunsen's flame. He and his wife gently cradled the pod betw
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Five
At the Cherry Hill Temple Serena's friends were feeling exasperated. Especially Raye. Serena just wasn't showing any motivation to help herself at all. “Oh why must we study again today? It's such a beautiful day for having fun.”
Raye was struggling hard to control herself. “You lazy meatball-head. What happened to your desire to become well-versed in mountains of knowledge the other day?”
Lita said, “You asked us to help you, didn't you?”
Mina added, “I'm showing much more commitment to my promise to take study seriously then you are.”
Serena groaned. “But you yourselves said I needed to take things one step at a time. I took my first step by going to that ill-fated concerto. Why rush too much?”
“And to think we foolishly thought you were serious!” Raye was clenching her fists and beginning to breathe very slowly and Amy sensing danger stood up and led Serena to the door.
“I think it's best if you leave and
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Four
Serena was feeling really down in the dumps that day. She was with her friends and their cats in Mr. Baxter's park telling them all about it. Raye, Mina and Lita were sitting or standing at the edge of a water fountain facing Serena, while Amy was sitting on a park bench behind her back with Luna and Artemis. She was studying her latest text book as usual, but she was listening to Serena at the same time.
Serena was almost sobbing. “I went to Darien's apartment to ask for a date. I even brought along this bag of cookies as a peace offering. B-but when he answered the door he told me that he was sticking to what he said. Until I improve m-my g-g-grades, we can't go on another d-d-d-date.”
Raye said, “Well Serena. If he's so important to you, then you should honour his desire and prove to him you can succeed at school.”
Mina said, “Yeah. No more skipping our study sessions.” She blushed. “Er, and from now on I vow to set you a better example.
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Three
The Sailor Scouts had held a very deep discussion about the things that had recently taken place and while school was closed for the mid-term break they all agreed to keep meeting at Raye's house so that they would be together and ready for immediate action if required and also at the same time help each other to study for their next exams. Darien had made Serena promise she would do better before they dated again and her friends were willing to give her support.
“It is extremely important for us to pass our education to make our future meaningful,” said Amy. “Even when facing a terrible unknown enemy we can't be distracted from studies.”
Raye agreed. “Yeah. It's a tough jugglimng act, but with cooperation we can do it.”
Lita thought the same though secretly Serena really didn't care for studying at the best of times. She would much rather be taking advantage in between battles to have as much fun as possible. Mina's attitude wasn't quite as bad as S
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Two
Kaori and Souchi were preparing to create a second daughter while Hotaru and Mikuji were spending quality time together in Hotaru's room. The professor had just injected his wife and extracted a bloodsample when they heard footsteps approaching. “Is that you Eudial?” Kaori asked.
“Yes and I have brought Byruit with me,” answered Eudial and the scientists turned to behold the two witches enter the lab. Byruit's hair was pure white in contrast to Eudial's flaming red.
Byruit said, “I have come to take the second pod on my outing. Is it ready yet?”
“I'm just about to prepare her now. It won't take long.” Professor Tomoe mixed Kaori's blood with the chemicals while the two witches watched. As soon as the test tube burst Byruit carefully levitated the pod into her bag.
“Don't be worried. She'll be safe with me.” She spoke kindly to ease the scientist's tension, though her words were insincere.
Professor Tomoe hugged Kaori to help c
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Update on my Bible Studies. Upon doing Daniel after going through the entire New Testament since Daniel is the Old Testament counterpart to Revelation in style of prophecy I have decided to follow the sequence with all the shorter books of prophets through to where the New Testament begins.

First of all I have prayed for the Spirit's enlightenment on understanding the historical background and I use Daniel's visions to highlight my belief that we can never be certain what 99% of the Revelation given to John on the island of Patmos can mean before they are fulfilled. Daniel's vision of four frightening beasts appearing out the sea did not literally come to pass for example. They merely symbolized the coming in succession of the kingdoms of Nebuchadnezzar (Babylon), Darius (Medea/Persia), Alexander the Great (Greece) and the Roman Empire. Daniel himself met the first two rulers in his lifetime and the first 6 chapters of his book attests to the historical background. Therefore any attempt to identify what the 7 angels with trumpets, the 4 horses and their riders and all the very woes and plagues described in Revelation is, for the most part, idle speculation. They may literally happen in part at least, but we will never know what they mean until they come to pass.

As for the other prophets after Daniel so far, they are to be understood as real men who were called by God to speak prophetic oracles of His judgement to Israel for their sinful rebellion. They tell of things that God called them to do and say. They say the Word of God that was sent to Hosea, Joel etc. Hosea was instructed to marry an unfaithful woman Gomer who left him for other men. Then when she fell into poverty and was reduced to living as a harlot for money God told him to reconcile with her and forgive her as an illustration of the way God longed to forgive His people Israel for deserting Him to go after other gods of the other nations.

Joel speaks of a plague of locusts that devastated Israel's crops at a time when they were abusing the grain and the wine living in drunken luxury. God urged them to repent through Joel's message and promised to restore their harvest when they turned their hearts back to Him.

Amos was a shepherd called by God to be a prophet and deliver judgement upon the evil nations surrounding Israel and then upon Israel herself. Because they served the Baals and calf idols set up by King Jeroboam God threatened punishment by sending them to exile in Babylon. This indeed took place under Nebuchadnezzar and the prophet Daniel went to Babylonia with the other captives of Israel. It all comes together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Now I've begun the shortest prophet's book, Obadiah. His message is concerned with condemning Edom for their hostilities towards Israel. Edom was a brother nation to Israel since they both were descended from the brothers Eaua and Jacob (who was also known as Israel) respectively. There are no historical background given to Obadiah, but that is no reason to doubt he was a real man given this message of Judgement to wicked Edom. Edom would be destroyed for their sins and their nation eventually disappeared.

But I had a friend tell me at church today that understanding the historicity of this is good, however it should be leading me to a deeper close relationship with God through the message of sin and the need for forgiveness. In this light I have decided that when I pray before studying I will ask the Spirit to prepare my heart to recognize and accept the truth like always, but add for an increased awareness of Jesus and His love towards me.
LOS ANGELES – Wile E. Coyote, the only actor to ever play the coyote on the long-running Warner Brothers cartoon, Roadrunner, was killed in a tragic on-set accident today. He was 63.

The disaster occurred when Coyote ran through the wrong fake tunnel entrance and tumbled over a cliff ledge. Though the actual drop is only about 20 feet, the actor missed the safety mats and landed on a cement floor. An on-set doctor was unable to resuscitate him.

It is uncertain whether Coyote was inadvertently sent into the wrong tunnel by stunt coordinators or he simply made a fatal mistake. Warner Brothers officials are promising a full investigation.

“I don’t know how this could have happened,” said the show’s director, Elroy Jetson, himself a former cartoon actor. “We’ve done this stunt a million times. It’s just a tragedy.”

Coyote’s co-star in the show, Road Runner, also 63, was too despondent too speak with reporters, but his agent later released a statement that read, “Meep Meep.”

Things were getting more and more intense as Germatoid put the professor's children through their relentless training. There was a miniature gymnasium set up and they were all forced to endure five hours straight exercising each day. Chagama had even been persuaded to wear strong, sturdy footwear for these sessions. She was sensible enough to realize how vulnerable her feet and toes would be to serious injury uncovered. Germatoid barked orders through the professor's vocal chords and they grunted, puffed and sweated over all the weights and cardio equipment. “Hop to it you wimps. This is serious war. If you can't prove yourselves hardened warrior women you'll die just like your mother and some of your sisters have done.”

They believed this was their daddy urging them on for their own good, but Souchi Tomoe was no longer himself. His humanity was completely dormant with Germatoid operating his body. He constantly gave deranged fits of laughter as he spoke to the unsuspecting girls. “BYAHAHAHA! I think it's your turn to go out on action Hurdler.” He said this to a pink-skinned lady running on one of the treadmills. She had violet hair tied up in a red ribbon, running shoes, arm coverlets and a bikini bottom with black and white patterns like a zebra's stripes and her most extravagant piece of her outfit was her bikini top. It resembled a giant version of her own bright white running shoes. A single huge shoe had a hole in its sole. Her arms and upper torso slipped through it sticking out at the top and the thick laces held it securely in place when they were tied. She seemed to be naturally gifted to the training, though it was tough and strict. She panted as she swung her arms and legs. “I'll make you proud of me Daddy. I'm fit as a fiddle.”
“Hey. That's my line.” Octave said this while she was vigorously attacking a punching bag nearby and everybody in hearing distance laughed, including Hurdler herself.

Just then Doorknobdar made everybody, even Germatoid, groan as she suddenly fell over backwards. “Daddy.” she gasped. “I can't cope with this exercise program. It's wearing me out.”

“Daddy” was exasperated and chewed her out. “You are a disgraceful wimp. Your mother would be so ashamed of you Doorknobdar.”
She began to cry. “Please Daddy. I've tried honest. But it's too much for me.”

Doorknobdar was terrified and hastily scrambled to her feet running away. Many of the girls thought if their father was so angry with Doorknobdar then she must indeed deserve it. But a small handful like Chagama, felt it was a little harsh. They knew they didn't dare say anything to him though. He looked really furious. Chagama, Toden and Haikyun all silently made up their minds to find Doorknobdar later and speak comfortingly to her.

When the session was over Germatoid brought Hurdler and also Osoji to see the Witches 5. “I have selected these two to accompany Auntie Eudial on the next attack. Osoji has been proving herself very adept in her ninja fighting strategems, thanks to all the assistance Auntie Mimette gave her.” Mimette wasn't really a ninja herself, but she had bought Osoji a few helpful books and watched her study and practice giving her encouragement.

Osoji smiled and said, “I'm very grateful Auntie Mimette. I wish you could see me in action today, but Auntie Eudial will testify to how spectacular I fight. I'll make you proud of me.”

“You're very welcome Osoji. Ah. Good luck.”
Mimette's mind was in a turmoil as Eudial took Hurdler and Osoji away with her. She suddenly realized one thing. She found she cared deeply about Osoji. She did not simply desire to watch her fight. She wanted to help her fight. She did not necessarily feel deeply for Hurdler, but she was honestly attached to Osoji. “I really am proud that I was such a driving force to her spirit and I think I honestly like her. What if something happens to her? I know our demonic masters have stressed that if they die it is of no consequence. But I want her to survive at least.”
“Come on Mimette,” said Tellu breaking her train of thought. “We must go and get ready to receive any new victims to take their hearts.”
“Huh. Oh yeah. I'll be right behind you.” But Mimette quickly cast a spell as Tellu, Cyprine and Byruit made their way for the secret hideaway. “The others won't realize I'm not with them. I've made up my mind. I'm magically sending myself to whereever they go. I'll be invisible and if Osoji gets in real trouble, I will save her. Even if Mistress 9 suspects something she won't know I'm there. And Eudial won't know either. They may be confused, but Osoji will come back to me and neither of them will ever find out why. I'll be safe.” So she turned invisible and teleported away.

Serena and her friends were preparing to move on to higher education. It was their final year of Junior High. Serena, Amy and Lita would be saying goodbye to their teachers including Patricia Haruna and Helen Humphreys while Raye and Mina would leave their own respective junior schools. Next year the five of them would converge on the one and only Senior High School in their city. It's name was Shirakaba High School and today prospective new students were permitted to visit it and walk around the facility in groups of their closest friends to see everything it contained.

“This school is so amazingly huge,” said Mina with wonderment.

Lita said, “It certainly is.”

“We'll be able to participate in many sports as well including volleyball,” added Raye.

“Volleyball?” Mina gasped and Raye could see her attention had been captured.

“That's right Mina.” She winked. “You and your friends, including Jamie, will have the opportunity to play under the guidance of the most experienced players among the older students.”

Mina smiled at this thought, but then Raye dropped a bombshell upon Serena.

“Too bad you won't be here with the rest of us.”
The others gasped as Serena reacted. “WHAT?” Then she turned to Raye in defiance. “What exactly do you mean by that?”

“Chill out,” said Raye.

“Hey I'm sure they'll enroll you Serena,” assured Amy calmly.

“Oh thank you. There Raye. Amy has faith in me.”

“That's right. All you need to do is pass the entrance examination and you're in.” Amy smiled but Raye laughed.

“My point exactly. You must pass to get in.”

Serena was white as a sheet. “Y-you mean there'll be an ex-ex-examination? Before I've even attended one class here?” Her legs turned to jelly and she fell over backwards.

Her friends picked her up and Raye said, “I am sorry Serena, but if you want to join us next year, you need to take our study sessions seriously.”
“That's right. Attend them regularly,” said Mina.

“And actually study at them instead of sleeping,” said Lita.

“If you put your mind to it, you will pass,” assured Amy sweetly and Serena sheepishly said, “V-very well.”

Meanwhile Eudial was parking the car just outside the school grounds. “This is it Osoji and Hurdler. Those girls are inside this massive area behind this wire fence.”
They emerged from the car and Hurdler agilely jumped the fence in one bound. “We'll find them Auntie Eudial.”
Osoji even made the jump too using her skilled ninja techniques. Mimette had teleported invisibly on the inside of the fence and she was filled with a sense of pride to see Osoji twisting through the air and landing on her feet in a ready for battle position. Eudial disappeared from where she was standing and reappeared inside herself.

Mimette quietly followed Osoji as Osoji followed Hurdler loudly shouting, “Come and fight you Sailor girls!”

Mistress 9 said “Capture as many of the first bystanders you encounter as possible while they are keeping the Sailors occupied. Have nothing at all to do with their fight. Your task is to gather victims whatever happens.”
“Certainly Mistress 9.”

Students who were going to enroll for entrance next year had the biggest shock of their lives seeing Hurdler and Osoji striding along challenging the Sailor Scouts. They ran in all directions panicking and those unfortunate enough to run in Eudial's direction were ensnared by her in magic bubbles and transported to the witches hideout.. The two creations were so intent upon finding the Scouts they did not even take in anything that was happening.

Anyway as soon as Serena and her friends realized what was going on they ducked out of sight to transform and confronted their opponents. Osoji sprang right in producing her nun-chukka sticks. Sailor Moon just barely dodged as Osoji swung at her. The heavy club grazed the top of her hair buns, however Osoji thrust her leg out delivering a ninja kick to the shins. Sailor Moon fell flat on her face. Sailor Jupiter lunged forward to counter-attack with her martial arts knowledge. Suddenly to her surprise her body half spun around in a jerky motion and she fell to her knees with her back to Osoji. Sailor Mars tried to summon her old powerful firebird attack. To her consternation when her magic flames formed the beast instead of attacking it began to rise up into the air shrieking and pulsating before exploding into smoke. “What's going on?” she yelled.

Meanwhile Sailor Venus had directed her attention to Hurdler. “VENUS LOVE CHAIN ENCIRCLE!”

Nothing went wrong with her attack, but Hurdler eluded the golden whip leaping up in the air just like a marathon runner jumping a hurdle bar. Hurdler had countered by producing a long white rope out of her small backpack and had deftly lassoed Sailor Venus and Sailor Mercury at the same time that Osoji was fighting the other three. While Sailor Jupiter was down she hit her on the head knocking her senseless. Sailor Moon was crawling away whimpering and Sailor Mars desperately tried to use a charm. “MARS FIREBALLS CHARGE.” The charm would not let itself be thrown by her. It wrapped around her hand and she vainly tried to tear it away.

In the nearby bushes three figures were watching. Amara, Michelle and little Rini. Amara said, “The time has come for us to intervene. Are you ready Small Lady?”
Rini eagerly answered, “Yes Amara. I strictly told Darien not to come next time Serena was in trouble. I told him the Outers wanted to use it as part of my training.”
“Okay, let's quickly transform,” said Michelle. She and Amara had transformation sticks in their hands and Rini was clutching her pink sugar heart scepter.




Rini's scepter did not have the actual future Imperium Crystal inside it, but it had been charged with its power and it transformed her into Sailor Mini-Moon. She, Uranus and Neptune all burst out of the bushes to help the others. Eudial had settled down to watch the rest of the fight after securing a few victims and hadn't noticed anything before. But Mistress 9 had sensed magic at work against the Sailor Scouts and she was feeling very suspicious of Eudial. Could she really be so brazen after receiving stern warning?

Sailor Mini-Moon and Sailor Neptune both bounded towards Hurdler while Sailor Uranus sent an attack at Osoji. “URANUS WORLD SHAKING!”

Even Mimette was looking the other way and had no time to do anything as she turned around in shock to behold Uranus' power zoom at Osoji, pick her up and throw her away from the unconscious body of Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Moon gasped as Osoji flew over her as she was still trying to crawl like a worm on the ground and landed on her left side only a few feet from her outstretched arm. Osoji rolled on her back, clutching her arm and moaning to Mimette's dismay.

As for Hurdler, Sailor Mini-Moon aimed her attack right at her backside. “PINK SUGAR HEART ATTACK!”

The pink hearts bombarded Hurdler's rear end bouncing off relentlessly and she screamed in pain dropping the rope that bound Venus and Mercury. At the same time Neptune adeptly untied the lasso freeing them completely.

Sailor Mars had pulled the charm off her hand by now and launched an attack at Hurdler. “MARS CELESTIAL FIRE SURROUND!”

Hurdler began to sprint away outrunning the rings of fire, but Sailor Uranus was suddenly by her side. “You can't outrun me,” she said as she seized Hurdler from behind wrapping her arms around her shoulders. “It is our destiny to overcome you.”
“Let me go,” cried Hurdler just as Sailor Mini-Moon ran up and delivered a blast of her pink sugar hearts right inside Hurdler's stomach at the naval just under the giant shoe. The pain and the rapid blows took Hurdler's breath away and she bowed her head gasping and groaning. If Uranus hadn't been gripping her she would have collapsed to the ground.

“Well done Small Lady. Now let Neptune take her turn.”
“Thank you and I will,” Mini-Moon grinned as she stepped aside.

Sailor Neptune wound up her attack. “NEPTUNE DEEP SUBMERGE!”

As the deep wave of water surged towards terrified Hurdler, Eudial coldly smiled, Mimette wasn't even looking as she only had concern for Osoji and all the Sailor Scouts gasped to see Sailor Uranus firmly holding Hurdler. It would wash over her too. “Uranus! Run!” Sailor Moon cried in agitation.

But at the last second Uranus leaped up and away and Hurdler was struck. She managed to stay on her feet, though she was choking and gasping for breath.

Sailor Neptune shouted. “Go Sailor Moon.”

She produced her scepter and wound up her attack. “MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK!”

Suddenly Osoji did something remarkable. Her arm had broken when she had landed on it, but out of the corner of her eye she had seen what was happening to Hurdler and she just knew that Sailor Moon was the strongest enemy and her attack would certainly kill her sister. Mimette felt a surge of unexpected pride when Osoji used her ninja moves to roll over and push herself upright with her good arms hand upon the ground. Despite the pain in her other arm she accomplished this move in an instantaneous flash and running to stand in front of Hurdler she shouted, “You retreat with Auntie Eudial! I'll take the blow for you Hurdler!”

Hurdler had tears in her eyes as she ran and threw her arms around Eudial to her consternation. But at least Osoji would be gone she thought.

Well that's what she thought. Instead though a big transparent wall appeared in between Osoji and Sailor Moon's power. It absorbed the blast to the dismay of Sailor Moon and all her friends.

Eudial quickly called out to Osoji to join her and Hurdler as Mistress 9 told her to retreat with them to the car. Osoji ran to them and they all teleported to the car outside the school fence. Eudial was getting worried. The tone that Mistress 9 had used was not comforting and it did nothing to help matters when Osoji spoke as Hurdler was helping her get in and do up her seatbelt. Osoji smiled despite her agony. “I noticed that before I was struck by surprise from behind the attacks of the enemy I was facing were being deflected. Then after I bravely took that killing blow for you again I was protected. Auntie Eudial, you are wonderful.”
Hurdler gave her another hug and thanked her on behalf of Osoji and herself. “We've all heard from Baulla and Mikuji how you saved them and even though sadly Chouton was killed, Chagama and Neko agree with us that you must have tried your best to protect her. All of us are indebted to you our darling aunt.”
Eudial was starting to wish the earth would open up and swallow her. As she drove away in the car she pleaded. “Mistress 9. It wasn't me. You know I was gathering heart victims while they were fighting at first.”
“Don't whine at me Eudial. I saw how you interfered at the very end. I may not know how you did what you did earlier, but I know you must have done it. The next outing will be your last chance. If you persist in disobedience I shall be talking to Germatoid. Understood?”

“Y-y-yes Mistress 9.”

Meanwhile Mimette had barely managed to stay invisible. Her strength taxed to the limit, she just barely had enough magic to return to their home base and take up her post with the other witches. “Mistress 9 and Eudial will probably be very angry with me,” she thought to herself. “But they'll not ever find out what happened. Osoji may be hurt, but she'll live and get better. I'm so pleased.”

She wasn't the only one leaving though. Uranus and Neptune were walking away. “You did very good Small Lady. Neptune and I will leave you with the Inners for awhile now.”
“Okay thank you.” Mini-Moon smiled and waved goodbye, however her friends were befuddled.

“Wait. Where are you going?” cried Sailor Moon.

Neptune answered over her shoulder. “You have your agendas and we have ours remember?”
Uranus added, “We do share responsibility for helping the Small Lady. We've done our part for today.”

When they were gone Mars grumbled. “I think they're rather snobby.”
“Maybe,” conceded Venus, “but when they do fight with us on rare occasion, they're so awesome.”

Sailor Moon suddenly broke into everybody's train of thought. “Hold on. Where's Tuxedo Mask this time?”
“I'll explain later,” said Sailor Mini-Moon. Everybody was stunned, especially Sailor Moon.

“You'd better not tell me you had anything to do with him not coming you little fungus.”
“Like I said, I'll explain things later.”
Sailor Moon looked like she was going to turn hysterical and her friends kept their mouths shut. They knew that Sailor Moon would keep bugging Mini-Moon on and off until she told her what the truth was, unless she met Darien sometime. Sailor Mini-Moon resolutely steeled herself knowing the gasket Sailor Moon would blow when she did find out. “Better Darien bear the brunt of her main tantrum than me,” she thought quietly to herself.

I am very upset. For years I have enjoyed the music and motion pictures of Madonna though I first became a Christian even before I started developing interest in her. So I have been carefully selective of her albums and films when buying them knowing how grossly immoral she is and what standards of appropriateness are taught in God's Word. I always knew she was strongly guilty of sin and if she were to repent genuinely she should feel tremendous shame before God. But what she recently did has not only broken my heart but pulverized it.…

She was either a bloody fool who did not make sure her brain was switched on when her mouth was or else she really is unstably psychotic. God still loves her and I fear for her, but she must pay the price for speaking about wanting to commit such an act of terrorism. If or when she goes to jail I will still continue to pray for her repentance. If it comes to this in order for the Spirit of God to make her see sense I hope He humbles her in prison. I never thought she would sink so low, but that's what can happen when you give yourself over to your sinful nature. You run the risk of sinking deeper and even deeper. :'(

It was three days after Raye and Serena had their last major fight. When they finally settled down Raye had been humbled. Serena, however kept trying to justify herself but nobody would listen to her. So she shut up in a sulky huff while Raye bowed her head and said, “I'm very sorry everybody. Luna. Artemis. I'll get started right away doing what you told me to consult the fire about in the first place.”
“Apology accepted Raye.” Luna smiled and Artemis did too.

“Let us know as soon as you find out anything.”

So Raye set to work kneeling before the Sacred Flame praying earnestly for information about the evil forces that were kidnapping people all over again. The fire gently crackled and pulsated and Raye remembered how she had deprived herself of sleep back a long time ago. She had promised her friends she would not push herself that far this time. Therefore she only devoted the afternoons to her chanting and had a good night's sleep and relaxed in the morning. “O Sacred Fire. I beg you please reveal something to me this time,” she implored each afternoon and on the third day the fire burst forth with a horrifying vision making Raye startled. She gasped in fright then called Mina on their communicators. “Mina. Is Artemis there?”
“Yes he is Raye.”
Artemis walked over to the communicator. “Here I am Raye. What's the scoop?”
“The fire showed me a very creepy picture of something that wasn't human. It's hard to describe, but I seemed to behold at least two monstrous figures. Like demonic entities made visible and tangible. They were terrifying.”

Mina was horrified and Artemis said, “It sounds like we're up against something more dangerous then ever before.”
“I have a suggestion Artemis. If I make a pretense of inviting Mina and my other friends to spend the weekend with me at the summer house Grandfather and I own up in the nearby mountains, we can train together and prepare to fight the way we should.”
“Excellent idea Raye. Mina go and tell your parents about this while Raye calls the others, and Raye. You be sure to prepare some of your charms. Just in case any of the families try to deny permission.”
Mina and Raye agreed and the plan was swiftly arranged.

The girls all bought their train tickets and soon they were all seated in their personally booked private carriage. This was so that Luna and Artemis could safely talk to them with no risks involved. Luna was seated inside Serena's backpack and Artemis inside Mina's for further precautions. They quickly ducked their heads down and the girls put the covers over in place when the conductor knocked on the door to check their tickets and again when a member of the canteen staff delivered their lunch.

Serena was plowing into hers. “Oh boy,” she said with her mouth full. “The food is the best part of train travel.”

Her friends were all very grateful they did have their own compartment as they watched her gorging. It would have been embarassing in public.

The cats emerged from the backpacks and Luna said, “We're a little hungry too Serena.”
“Yeah Mina,” agreed Artemis. “Let us have some food.”

Serena and Mina said, “Okay,” and gave them a couple pieces of fish each.

“Thank you both.”
“We really needed that.”

Raye then decided to ask Serena something. “So how did Rini take it when you told her we all decided that she, being only a very young kid and inexperienced as a Scout, should stay at home with your family while we went off to train ourselves for the time being?”

“Oh just fine.” Serena answered proudly. “You see she knows we all mean the very best for her and she respects me as her future mother, so she listens to what I say.”

In truth Rini had not been very happy. She had moaned and pouted when Serena had given this message. “I want to go! What do you mean I'm inexperienced? That's the whole point of your training me! How will I ever get experience?”
“You'll do as I say, you bad-tempered little spore. It's not just me. It's the others too remember.”
“You'll all selfish. I just can't believe you're the same people I love so dearly in the future.” Rini had been very sulky and had half a mind to try sneaking onto the train without a ticket, but then thought better of it. She didn't relish risking any trouble with the authorities and she no longer had any of the special magic Sailor Pluto had given her the first time she was sent to the past. It wasn't worth it.

But then while she was brooding alone in her room she heard a beeping sound like a mobile phone message coming from the small scepter she kept hidden in her backpack. Quickly she answered it before anybody in the house became aware and softly spoke, “Hello.”
A very familiar voice said to her, “Hello Small Lady.” Rini had to listen very carefully since the volume was down to the barest minimum.

“Hello Sailor Pluto.”
“I know what has just happened. I'm keeping a watch through the Door of Time. You're not pleased are you?”
“No I'm not. I want to be involved with the Sailor Scouts. It's not fair.”
“I understand Small Lady. But listen to me. I've been in touch with Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. While the others are away, they've agreed to let you help them comb the city for signs of Sailor Saturn as Sailor Mini-Moon. They will train you as much as they can at the same time. Does that sound good?”
Rini had to stifle a scream of delight. “Excellent. Thank you very much.”
“I knew you'd be delighted. I'm 99% sure that we will find Sailor Saturn somewhere here if we look hard enough. There are very strong signals emitting from her inherent power even if she is not aware of who she is. If she isn't found soon eventually I will even come to help myself. But for now you do your very best to help.”
“I promise. And thank you once more.”

So Serena was pleasantly surprised when Rini stopped arguing, but she just assumed it was because Rini was recognizing her inherent parental authority.

Earlier in the meantime Eudial had been sent off by Germatoid with Mistress 9 once again. This time Mikuji and a creature named Baulla were selected to go with her. Mistress 9 had strictly emphasized that if they were killed they were expendable and instructed the other witches to be ready again to deal with the people sent to them while the Sailor Scouts were pre-occupied. Eudial told them they had a long way to drive to find the enemy. “But don't worry. I can magically replenish our gas tanks when they're running low. We can go travel non-stop.”
“Hooray for clever Auntie Eudial.”
“Mikuji and I admire you very much.”
But as they drove off Tellu was starting to have perplexing feelings well up inside her. She remembered how she had been the one to take care of Mikuji when she was only a newly created pod. She had personally fused her with a tree at the Cherry Hill Temple. She had seen her grow into the girl she was now. And Baulla had been born from the professor's oven using a beautiful yellow flower. Her dress resembled a huge cluster of the petals, her orange hair grew naturally in the shape of petals and she could sprout thorns on her arms and retract them at will. Tellu was uneasy and found herself growing distressed. “I-I know our mission is important and these creatures don't really matter except as weapons against our enemies. But still it doesn't seem rightly necessary for these two to have to die. One of them's a magnificent tree and the other is such a pretty flower.”
Then she made up her mind clenching her fists. “Maybe I'm being a little soft but I've always loved plants of all kinds. Trees and flowers are so lovely. It's settled. I'll bewitch the others so they won't know I'm absent and teleport myself invisibly to where Mistress 9 is sending Eudial. My magic powers will track them no matter how far they are. If I just casually intervene to make sure they both survive Eudial and Mistress 9 will just have to bring them back. I'm sure they won't suspect any interference.”
So she cast her spells and was off.

Back to the girls, the train pulled into the railway station on schedule and Raye led them to the bus depot. The cats were safely snuggled up in Serena and Mina's backpacks during the entire journey to the countryside where they departed. “Okay. We're nearly there,” said Raye. “We have a fifteen minute walk along this track here and then there's some staircase built into the side of the mountain up to the house.”
“I'm sure we can manage that.” Serena was puffed up with confidence.

Lita said, “You lead us and we will follow right behind you Raye.”
They set off in a line and the fifteen minute walk along the track was nice and easy. However as soon as they reached the stairs carved into the mountain it became tougher. Raye took the lead. “Watch your step girls and hold onto the side railing.” It was good advice. The path was steep though the steps made it somewhat easier to climb. Raye was used to climbing these stairs having visited this place for summer holidays regularly since she was only five years old when her parents were still alive. Lita was also rather fit and healthy since she loved doing jogging and weight-lifting. Amy and Mina were slightly puffed after a little while but silly Serena was as usual, over-exaggerating how hard it was. She was clinging to the left side rail with both hands and hugging it like she would fall on her face otherwise. Her tongue was sticking out like a panting dog and her friends were getting annoyed with her noisy gasps, groans and other pathetic noises.

“Serena, it is not that bad,” puffed Amy. She was holding the right side rail and so was Mina. Artemis stuck his head out of her backpack and sighed. “You're acting like a weakling.”
“Oh Raye. Why can't there be an elevator inside this mountain?”
Raye felt like yelling, but she controlled her temper. “It cost my family half a million bucks to pay professional architects to construct these stairs. If they hadn't then we'd all be hiking up a rugged mountainside. And for another thing it's not a very high mountain. Only 75 feet. So why don't you just GROW UP ALREADY!” She did shout the last three words but kept her cool. Serena only lowred herself onto her knees, then lay down on the stairs upon her face gasping and wheezing like a faulty vacuum- cleaner. Her friends just turned to face the front and walked on with no comment. Artemis nimbly jumped out of Mina's backpack to join Luna who had scrambled out of Serena's while she lay prostrate in a crumpled heap.

Luna looked at Serena unsympathetically saying, “You're such a baby.” Then she and Artemis went bounding up themselves. Serena was crying tears of hurt disbelief and started to struggle crawling slowly up the staircase inch by inch.

They soon left Serena far behind and arrived at the top. “Come on. I'll introduce you to our trusted caretakers,” said Raye. An elderly couple were employed by Raye and her grandfather to look after their summer mountain home for them. Mr. Gregory Benson spent long hours every day tending to the grounds and gardens while his wife Hilda served as cook and housecleaner. Every fortnight Raye and Grandfather arranged for $200 wages to be deposited into the Bensons personal bank account and with that plus their own income they were allowed to live in the house and maintain it as their own. Of course word had been to them that Raye was bringing some friends of hers to stay for a visit and Mrs. Benson had dinner in the oven for them.

“These are my friends, Lita, Amy and Mina. Mina's brought her cat too.”
“Nice to meet you all,” said Mr. Benson.

Mrs. Benson bent down and affectionately stroked Luna and Artemis. “What lovely animals. Which of you owns the other cat?”
Amy blushed and the others made nervous faces. “She belongs to our other friend Serena.”
“Where's she?”

Lita said, “I'm afraid she is finding it hard to climb all the way up here. She was collapsed with fatigue the last we saw of her.”
“Goodness. Do you suppose she's all right?” Mrs. Benson was very concerned.

“I'll go and make sure,” said Mr. Benson.

“Be quick dear. The food will be ready in only five more minutes.”

“How can you go down and bring her up in such a short time?” asked Mina.

Raye smiled. “You should all come and see this. Mr. Benson may be getting on in years, but he's remarkably fit.”

They followed him outside leaving Mrs. Benson to mind the oven. Even Luna and Artemis went to see what would happen. Mr. Benson put on his gardening gloves to protect his hands from friction, then he swung his legs over one of the railing banisters and before they knew it he was sliding downwards out of sight.

“He'll catch up to that Meatball-Head in no time,” laughed Raye. “As soon as he sees her, he will brake himself quickly using his thighs and hands in case she's on his side of the staircase.”
Her friends were all wide-eyed and open-mouthed and Luna said, “But how will he get her up so fast?”
“Just you wait and see.” Raye sniggered.

In barely two minutes they all heard noises. It sounded like Serena shouting “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! Please. Not so fast.” and then to their amazement Mr. Benson came into view. He was running up the staircase swiftly and confidently with Serena leading her by the hand, ignoring her desperate pleading. Serena was looking straight down at her feet gasping in fright concentrating hard to not stumble. She was genuinely all worn out when Mr. Benson finally gave a huge leap over the final step pulling her along with him. She yelped and went down on her knees when she landed. He, however was not out of breath at all and still on his feet steady. He still firmly grasped her hand and actually dragged her up. “You see I told you you could make it if you set your heart to it. You just needed me to keep you moving.”
The others were all awed and impressed and Raye thanked him, but Serena did nothing except groan piteously and when he released her, she fell flat on your face.

Raye smirked and said, “Join us for dinner as soon as you get your breath back Serena. We'll save some for you.”
Serena wanted to go in with them immediately, but it was twelve minutes before she found the strength. Her friends did keep their promise and left a plate for her, which she eagerly wolfed down naturally.

Later they all helped to clear the table and left the Bensons to wash and dry all the dishes while they sat down in private on cushions to talk with Luna and Artemis. “Like I said this is not a very high mountain, but on the other hand it is very wide,” explained Raye. “Outside at the back entrance of the house there is a huge open area with trees, vegetation and paths throughout them. I can gently charm Mr. and Mrs. Benson so they won't notice a thing when we transform and practice our attacks and accumulate magical defence powers.”
“That sounds perfect Raye,” said Luna. “From what we heard about your vision you girls will need to be very strong indeed.”

Amy was studying her computer. “I'm trying to see if I can pick up any supernatural energy emitting from these alleged demons.”
Serena began to shudder. “D-d-demons? I'm g-getting scared th-th-thinking about them.”
Lita said, “I'm not going to let demons destroy or take over the world.”
Mina agreed, “After all we've been through let's not allow demons to defeat us.”
Serena was trembling as if she was cold. “ I don't know if I can face it this time. The rest of you m-m-may have to d-d-do it without m-m-m-me.”
Raye was feeling very disgusted. “First we had to send Mr. Benson to get you all the way up here and now this. Serena you are so wimpy and spineless. I'm amazed you will actually become Neo-Queen Serenity in the future.”
Serena's fear quickly turned into resentment and before Raye knew it Serena had taken the cushion she was sitting on and thrown it at her. It struck her in the face.

Raye was furious and picked up Serena's cushion and her own. “Why you. Take that and that!”
One cushion hit Serena in the face. However to Raye's shock she found her aim the second time had run wild and hit Mina instead.

“Hey. Your silly quarrel has nothing to do with me. Take this and take this too.”
Mina hit Raye but she also went astray with the second cushion and hit Lita. Raye and Lita lost control and began a cushion throwing fight with Mina and Serena ignoring Artemis and Luna as they tried to calm them down. Amy meanwhile, had been concentrating so hard on her data-computer that she wasn't aware of anything until a stray cushion hit her on the forehead. Her computer slipped from her fingers and hit the floor making its screen form cracks on the right hand side. She was so angry that she lost her own cool and the five girls were throwing cushions at each other and the cats groaned helplessly and sighed.

Meanwhile Eudial parked the car where Mistress 9 directed her. “Okay get out you two,” she said to Mikuji and Baulla. “Follow me along this path. I can tell our enemies won't be too far away.”
“Your tracking sense is impeccable Auntie Eudial,” remarked Mikuji.

“Let's get going,” screeched Baulla making Eudial wince. Whenever Baulla became overly excited she had a tendency to raise her voice to an ear-splitting high pitch. Eudial wished she could have ear plugs.

Composing herself she led the way and the two plant creatures walked along the path in single file. None of them were aware that Tellu had magically materialized invisibly at the end behind Baulla. She wanted her and Mikuji to live at all costs.

When they reached the foot of the mountain Mikuji asked, “Must we climb up all these stairs?”
Mistress 9 gave commands to Eudial and she said, “That won't be necessary. I shall teleport us to the top and there we shall be sure to find our enemies hiding in a house built up there.”
“Hooray for clever Auntie Eudial!” Eudial gritted her teeth at Baulla's joyful outburst.

“I hope this loud mouth is killed as soon as possible,” she thought as she concentrated upon her magic spell. She sent herself and the two creatures from where they stood to just outside the front of the house. Tellu also followed them ready to help the adorable plants in their fight.

Eudial told them to enter and she was behind them. Mistress 9 said, “While they fight to the death look around for any people to send back to our headquarters.”
“Of course Mistress 9.”

Hilda and Gregory came out of the nearby kitchen to see what the noise was as Mikuji and Baulla entered. She screamed and her husband threw his arms around her. “Get back inside and bolt the door.” He spun her around facing the kitchen. “I'll fight to protect you.”

The plant girls looked confused, but before they could say that they meant no harm to the innocent couple, Eudial shouted, “Never mind. I'll handle this. You both go and find the Sailor Scouts. I'll catch you up.”
“Okay Auntie Eudial. Follow me Baulla.”
Just as Gregory had gently but firmly pushed his wife into the kitchen and turned around they were gone and he faced Eudial. She raised her hand and sent him to the other witches who swiftly extracted his heart. Hilda had indeed turned the bolt, but what was that to witchcraft? To her horror the door flew open and she joined her husband with the rest of the new zombie collection.

“Good work Eudial. Now go and watch the fight, but do nothing to interfere.”
“Certainly Mistress 9.”

The five girls were alerted to the sound of heavy footsteps and doors opening. “Stop fighting and quickly transform,” yelled Luna.

“This sounds suspicious,” added Artemis.

The Sailor Scouts snapped to attention and cast their magic spells, so when Mikuji and Baulla found them, they beheld the Sailor Scouts. They all gasped at how very tall Baulla was and in the split second hesitation Baulla suddenly lunged forward seizing Sailor Venus by the collar. Lifting her up in the air she proceeded to choke her and Mikuji started punching and kicking out at the others. Sailor Mars was hit on the jaw and reeled backwards from shock while Sailor Moon shrieked in pain as her shin was struck by Mikuji's foot. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter had time to react defensively though. Jupiter ran to rescue Venus while Mercury wound up her attack against Mikuji.


Eudial was watching coldly from the doorway as the icy wall enveloped Mikuji and she screamed. But Tellu was in the room invisible off to the side and she was horrified. Even as this happened Sailor Jupiter was wrestling Sailor Venus free of Baulla's grasp and used her brute strength to tackle the giant flower to the ground. As Sailor Venus was gasping to catch her breath Jupiter shouted out to the others to attack quickly.

Mars prepared to make her move. “MARS CELESTIAL FIRE SURROUND!”

Her magic fire rings flew at the helplessly frozen tree and Tellu concentrated as hard as she could. “Extinguish flames. Extinguish flames. Extinguish flames.”
Before they could surround their target they fizzled out to the consternation of Mars. Eudial suspected nothing thinking Mars had failed her attack. Mistress 9 could sense magical presence behind it though. She was getting very suspicious of Eudial.

As for Baulla, she was beginning to fight back. Taking Sailor Jupiter by surprise she displayed her gift for sprouting sharp thorns. “Yeow!” Jupiter quickly let go and made a tremendous backwards leap gazing in dismay at her hands. They had been painfully pierced while she had been pinning Baulla to the ground and were badly bleeding. As Baulla rose to her feet, arms outstretched ready to slash and tear, Sailor Venus attacked with her whip of golden heart chains. They struck fast and hard tearing Baulla's arms all the way off. She nearly took the roof off the building with her dreadful scream. Tellu had been quietly working her magic to free Mikuji from Sailor Mercury's ice imprisonment and only just succeeded when she reacted in horror to what had just happened. Desperately she tried a new spell and to Baulla's amazement as much as anyone else's, vines erupted out of her stumps. Several of them shot out in all directions quickly wrapping around the Sailor Scouts. Mikuji shouted to Eudial where she stood in disbelief. “Hey! You must be helping us Auntie Eudial. Thanks. Now I'll bash them all to a pulp while they're helpless.”
Baulla looked at her too and squealed merrily. “You're the best Auntie we could have.”

Eudial looked like she was turning pale as a ghost. She was too shocked to even say any thoughts to Mistress 9. But Mistress 9 was speaking to her angrily. “You were told not to intervene Eudial. The creatures are expendable. Now I will give you one last chance to obey me.”

Before Mikuji could lay one blow upon the Scouts she pulled up short as Baulla screamed in agony. Next second she was screaming too. Baulla was beginning to turn into a wilted flower lady and Mikuji was doing the same thing, just like a tree that is on the verge of dying.

“What is happening?” Baulla wailed as the vines all dried up and were easily snapped apart as the Scouts broke free. Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury all grabbed the weakened Mikuji and thrust her down on her knees next to Baulla and Sailor Moon prepared to deliver the killing blow.


Before Mikuji and Baulla were hit though they suddenly vanished completely. Mistress 9 sternly spoke to Eudial, “Depart to the bottom of the mountain.” She was very nervous, but she teleported herself away.

To her further consternation she found Mikuji and Baulla standing there completely healed. Baulla even had her arms back. They hugged her and Mikuji kissed her right cheek and Baulla bent down to kiss her left cheek. They nuzzled up against her fondly.

“You saved our lives. I love you Auntie.'

“So do I.” Baulla screeched right inside Eudial's ear making her wince a second.

“Er. D-don't mention it.”
Mistress 9 said, “Since you are determined to save these miserable creatures Eudial, take them back with you. But if you persist in this sort of behaviour I shall be very angry. You've been warned.”
Eudial could make no reply. She was confused and terrified. “Okay you two. C-come with me to the car.” They followed her down the path away from the mountain.

Tellu watched them go thinking, “I'd better get back straight away. Eudial and Mistress 9 must both be wondering what's been going on. But they'll never know it was me. It took all my power to restore them to full physical condition.” With that she teleported herself away.

As for the Scouts, they were a little apprehensive. “Did you destroy those monsters Sailor Moon?” asked Sailor Venus.

“I'm not sure. I thought they vanished before I actually hit them.”

“Where are the Bensons?” cried Sailor Mars. Luna and Artemis came racing back in.

“Luna and I have been running throughout the house and the front garden. They seem to have disappeared.”

“We saw no sign of our enemies either.”
“Oh no! I bet they were abducted.” Sailor Mars groaned and Serena suddenly started wailing.

“Why didn't Tuxedo Mask come to our aid anyway? I thought he had his powers back! Does he really still care?”

“Serena, look at the situation rationally,” said Sailor Jupiter.

“Darien's powers do not include teleportation. He's always just transformed and come as fast as he can,” explained Sailor Venus.

“That's right. He can leap and bound through the air amazingly, but we've never been so very far away from the city before,” agreed Luna.

“This is probably a great distance, even for him.” Artemis had just finished speaking when a familiar voice was heard calling out and puffing. “Sailor Moon! Are you all right?”

“We're in here Tuxedo Mask!” Sailor Moon was relieved to hear him and as he entered the room she threw herself into his arms.

“I'm so sorry. I came as fast as I possibly could. I was afraid I may be too late.”

Sailor Mars said, “Fortunately we were able to get on top of the situation. But two innocent people were still taken. We must all work together and plan for the next battle.”

Sailor Venus said, “That was a cool attack that freed us when we were all entwined by those vines though. Which one of you used it?”
To the mutual amazement of all, none of them claimed to have such power. Even Artemis and Luna were surprised. They had each assumed the other had given a new secret upgrade to one of the girls. “It certainly wasn't anything to do with me,” said Tuxedo Mask. “As you know I was leaping and bounding desperately trying to get here and I've only just arrived.”
They all looked from one to another of themselves. They were baffled by this mystery.

Got this from from :iconanicomicgeek: and 

"There's a hacker lurking around dA that will change your password and put Thomas the tank engine pics in your and post

They will post bad pics only if they hack your account. If they found out you posted a journal entry about this warning, they will know what's up and they won't hack your account. They will also be posting journal entries saying things like "I hate you all! Go die!" and remove all your watchers. The best thing you could do now is copy this warning and post for all your friends and watchers to see and spread the word! The hacker will go around hacking accounts and block your friends to get your friends to block you back, get you in trouble, and get you banned from dA. If you want to save your account, you should make a journal entry with this warning to keep the hacker from hacking your account. So, "SPREAD THE WORD" "


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Martin Johnson
I'm quite a fellow. I am a devoted member of the Salvation Army and I'm a big fan of the late Japanese animator and comic artist Osamu Tezuka.
Some of my other interests include the works of Walt Disney and Jim Henson. I'm also sort of interested in Rod Serling's classic television series, The Twilight Zone.

I'm not really an artist, but one day I want to give it a try and share my work here. I am a writer though and I'm trying to make a success of my stories.

I'll think about what else to say and improve my ID as I go along. Thank you.

Favourite genre of music: Rock and Roll, Gospel
Favourite photographer: KinHikari



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