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The Heartsnatchers Chapter Eighteen
Serena's friends were all visiting her in her bedroom and she was visiting the kitchen to find something for them to snack on. Her parents were out shopping and Sammy was at a baseball game. The kitchen was deserted as Serena poked around in all the cupboards. “Where is something really sweet?” She muttered to herself. “Isn't there anything special around?”
Then she noticed a smell wafting from the microwave oven. It made her mouth water and she took a look inside. “Ah. It's a pie. Perfect.” She eagerly removed it carefully with oven mittens and put it on a tray taking it up to her friends along with a bottle of orange soda she'd found in the fridge. They all gasped in awe as she cut the slices and urged them to dig in.
Luna and Artemis were astonished. “Where did that come from?”
“You didn't bake that pie did you Serena?”
“No Artemis. I found it in the microwave. I'm sure Mum must have baked it for me. I've been asking
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Seventeen
Things were getting more and more intense as Germatoid put the professor's children through their relentless training. There was a miniature gymnasium set up and they were all forced to endure five hours straight exercising each day. Chagama had even been persuaded to wear strong, sturdy footwear for these sessions. She was sensible enough to realize how vulnerable her feet and toes would be to serious injury uncovered. Germatoid barked orders through the professor's vocal chords and they grunted, puffed and sweated over all the weights and cardio equipment. “Hop to it you wimps. This is serious war. If you can't prove yourselves hardened warrior women you'll die just like your mother and some of your sisters have done.”
They believed this was their daddy urging them on for their own good, but Souchi Tomoe was no longer himself. His humanity was completely dormant with Germatoid operating his body. He constantly gave deranged fits of laughter as he spoke to the unsuspecting
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Sixteen
It was three days after Raye and Serena had their last major fight. When they finally settled down Raye had been humbled. Serena, however kept trying to justify herself but nobody would listen to her. So she shut up in a sulky huff while Raye bowed her head and said, “I'm very sorry everybody. Luna. Artemis. I'll get started right away doing what you told me to consult the fire about in the first place.”
“Apology accepted Raye.” Luna smiled and Artemis did too.
“Let us know as soon as you find out anything.”
So Raye set to work kneeling before the Sacred Flame praying earnestly for information about the evil forces that were kidnapping people all over again. The fire gently crackled and pulsated and Raye remembered how she had deprived herself of sleep back a long time ago. She had promised her friends she would not push herself that far this time. Therefore she only devoted the afternoons to her chanting and had a good night's sleep and relaxed in t
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Fifteen
Things were beginning to worry the Sailor Scouts. Ever since the disappearance of that family during the events that happened during the festival, public outcry was beginning to rear its ugly head once more. Some said, “Why are they letting it happen all over again? Why can't they put a stop to it?” Thus people began to argue with themselves for and against their super-heroines and everywhere the girls went they were discomforted to witness these conflicts.
Serena, Darien and Rini were sitting on a bench in the park quietly talking about this. “It's exactly the way it was before we saved all those people Darien,” Serena sighed gloomily. “Why are they so wishy-washy?”
“You can't fully blame them Serena,” said Rini. “Just think how upset and terrified they must be.”
Serena turned to look at Rini with wide eyes as she went on. “Fear can affect the way people think. Makes them react in harsh ways.”
Darien agreed.
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Fourteen
It had been almost two weeks since the Sailor Scouts had rescued Molly, Melvin and all the others. Things were so quiet that people were holding hope that the terror had passed and public opinion had fully shifted back to praise and admiration for their super heroine team. Everybody was talking about the newest member, Sailor Mini-Moon.
“Cousin” Rini had come back for another extended “visit” courtesy of Serena's “Aunt” Trista and Serena's parents and brother Sammy were very thrilled with her company. The Scouts knew that sooner or later the enemy would strike again and Rini vowed to help them. “After I returned home my mother and father began authorizing the future selves of your friends to train me to follow in her footsteps as the new Sailor Moon,” she explained to Serena.
“Hey! I don't like that term new. I'm Sailor Moon and I'm not ready to step down.”
“You're not being told to step down silly Meat-ball Head. I'm go
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Thirteen
Germatoid and Mistress 9 were preparing to extract Darien's heart next while the four girls were all trapped in Kaori's hair. Eudial had carefully placed Serena's locket in her bag along with her beating heart and was eagerly watching the proceedings. Uranus and Neptune were also quietly observing uneasy awaiting to see when whoever Sailor Pluto was sending from the future would arrive.
Before the demons could use Cenecienta to extract Darien's heart a small figure with pink hair similar to Serena's materialized a few feet away. She was dressed in a Sailor Scout uniform and she held a small pink stick with a crystal heart attached to it. “Hold it,” she cried. “I have been sent from the distant future through the Door to Time by my dear friend Sailor Pluto. I am Sailor Mini-Moon and in the Name of the Future Moon Kingdom on Earth, I will save this past world and punish you.”
Darien gasped. “Rini!”
Raye cried, “It must be her,” and the othe
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Twelve
Cenecienta and Haikyun had both learned to talk very well in just under one week. Souchi, Kaori and even Hotaru were so pleased with the new additions to their family. The Tomoes were considering boosting up production with the oven they built to make at least two new daughters next time.
“Before we proceed with growing our family, it's important that we begin to teach them more about the world beyond our home,” said the professor to Eudial.
“And I shall be with you and the others when you take them out Eudial,” added Kaori. “Starting with the first of our oven-born, Cenecienta. We've told all our girls that they will have their turns one by one after her. They are very excited.”
“Of course Souchi and Kaori.” Eudial smiled slyly. “I shall get Cenecienta ready. We will need to disguise her in regular clothing that people generally wear, so as not to attract undue attention. We shall go in twenty minutes to half an hour.”
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Eleven
Serena and her friends were back at school. Amy was top of her class as usual and the other girls were not doing too badly themselves. Except for Serena however. Despite the best efforts of her friends to help her at their study sessions she was barely achieving 25% on her exam papers. “Hey! It's not my fault. Miss H. should have set questions that related to the parts of my study that I could clearly remember well.”
That was her sheepish excuse to Darien, but he smiled, shrugging his shoulders and said, “You're a hopeless Meatball-head. But you're my hopeless Meatball-head,” before taking her to the ice-cream parlour. Serena felt ashamed. Deep down she knew she had broken her promise to Darien, though he truly cared about her. Enough to forgive her.
She still couldn't understand why he had cast off his Tuxedo Mask persona however. The other girls had been flabbergasted and so had Luna and Artemis when she'd told them. But they all reluctantly accepted the situa
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Ten
Raye was rather sleepy that morning. She had been up for almost three quarters of the night praying in front of the Sacred Fire. Chad had been very worried about her. He had been watching her through the doorway to the Shrine. He had been woken up himself by her monotonous chanting. “I am flame. Flame is light. I am fire. Fire is sight. I am flame. Flame is light. I am fire. Fire is sight.”
Chad had attempted to talk to her to no avail. She just kept staring at the fire saying those words over and over. He sighed. “The old master was right it seems when he told me that nothing can bring her out of her shell when she gets in these trances. But I wish she would talk to me about what's worrying her. If she doesn't sleep it will be detrimental to her health.”
In the end he had given up and gone to his own bedroom laying down in a troubled sleep. In the meantime Raye had kept on intently chanting and praying to the fire. She was very worried. She desperately wanted t
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Nine
Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita and Mina were all at the Moto Cross race tracks that morning to watch Michelle's friend Amara compete. They were all very excited and hoped that he would win, but as they were getting off the bus when it pulled up at their destination Serena had a start.
“Hey you girls. I could swear I saw Darien over there in the crowd for a split second. Then he quickly turned and disappeared.”
“Darien!” exclaimed Mina.
“Are you positive it was him?” asked Lita.
Serena sighed. “No. I admit it looked like him, but I suppose I could have been mistaken. Come to think of it though, it's been a long time since he's participated in any of our battles. Why?”
Serena almost had a fit when Raye said, “Remember Serena? He wants you to significantly improve your grades first. That's why we've been trying to help you studying together at my place.”
Amy quickly put her arm around her shoulders to calm her saying, “There there
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Eight
Amy was so very happy because her dear friend Greg had told her on Skype that his parents were letting him come to stay with her for three days during what was left of the holidays. She had been so excited to hear this wonderful news and now she had met him at the train station.
As they hugged she said, “I'm so delighted to see you again Greg.”
“Me too Amy. Skype is really nothing compared to face to face. I've missed you.”
“I've missed you too Greg.”
Greg then asked her where the other girls were. “They're having a study session today. But I'm spending the day with you,” Amy explained.
Greg was amazed. “You are actually skipping studies all day Amy?”
She smiled. “Yes. Last night I spent three hours studying by myself after my evening meal before going to bed. I won't be behind at all.”
Greg laughed. “That's the Amy I know and love so much. Anyway where are we going?”
“I thought we'd go to the swi
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Seven
It was the day after the ill-fated lovers contest and the city was beginning to feel a sense of gloomy fear. Molly and Melvin's families were heartbroken at their loss and the public was agitated and terrified. Some of them even spoke negatively about the Sailor Scouts saying things to the general effect of if they were the super-heroines they claimed to be, then why hadn't they destroyed the mysterious enemies. Others were a little more fair though imploring their friends to remember how horrible things had been when other evil forces were terrorizing and sometimes killing people. The Sailor Scouts had eventually vanquished that horror. “Just give them time. They won't let us down.”
Some believed but the camp was divided.
At that moment Serena and Lita were on their way together to meet their friends at Raye's temple. Officially they were supposed to be having study sessions, but they didn't think they'd be pursuing much of that. They were all rather upset and needed to di
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Six
Hotaru and her sisters were all in their common room watching cartoon DVDs together while Professor Tomoe and his wife were preparing to surprise them with a new sibling. After taping cotton wool to Kaori's arm behind her elbow, he took the syringe and added the blood to the mixture in the test tube.
Kaori walked over to stand by his side as he gently shook the test tube before holding it over the bunsen burner. “Oh Souchi. How I love to help you bring our children to life.”
“Yes Kaori. Do you hear little one? We love you even before you begin to exist.”
“Hello Professors,” said a bright, cheerful voice and they turned to see that Mimette had just entered.
“Hello Mimette,” said Kaori. “Our new baby's almost ready.”
Souchi cried in jubilation. “The test tube is beginning to break now.” As he spoke the pod inside expanded and burst forth as he turned off the bunsen's flame. He and his wife gently cradled the pod betw
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Five
At the Cherry Hill Temple Serena's friends were feeling exasperated. Especially Raye. Serena just wasn't showing any motivation to help herself at all. “Oh why must we study again today? It's such a beautiful day for having fun.”
Raye was struggling hard to control herself. “You lazy meatball-head. What happened to your desire to become well-versed in mountains of knowledge the other day?”
Lita said, “You asked us to help you, didn't you?”
Mina added, “I'm showing much more commitment to my promise to take study seriously then you are.”
Serena groaned. “But you yourselves said I needed to take things one step at a time. I took my first step by going to that ill-fated concerto. Why rush too much?”
“And to think we foolishly thought you were serious!” Raye was clenching her fists and beginning to breathe very slowly and Amy sensing danger stood up and led Serena to the door.
“I think it's best if you leave and
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Four
Serena was feeling really down in the dumps that day. She was with her friends and their cats in Mr. Baxter's park telling them all about it. Raye, Mina and Lita were sitting or standing at the edge of a water fountain facing Serena, while Amy was sitting on a park bench behind her back with Luna and Artemis. She was studying her latest text book as usual, but she was listening to Serena at the same time.
Serena was almost sobbing. “I went to Darien's apartment to ask for a date. I even brought along this bag of cookies as a peace offering. B-but when he answered the door he told me that he was sticking to what he said. Until I improve m-my g-g-grades, we can't go on another d-d-d-date.”
Raye said, “Well Serena. If he's so important to you, then you should honour his desire and prove to him you can succeed at school.”
Mina said, “Yeah. No more skipping our study sessions.” She blushed. “Er, and from now on I vow to set you a better example.
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Heartsnatchers Chapter Three
The Sailor Scouts had held a very deep discussion about the things that had recently taken place and while school was closed for the mid-term break they all agreed to keep meeting at Raye's house so that they would be together and ready for immediate action if required and also at the same time help each other to study for their next exams. Darien had made Serena promise she would do better before they dated again and her friends were willing to give her support.
“It is extremely important for us to pass our education to make our future meaningful,” said Amy. “Even when facing a terrible unknown enemy we can't be distracted from studies.”
Raye agreed. “Yeah. It's a tough jugglimng act, but with cooperation we can do it.”
Lita thought the same though secretly Serena really didn't care for studying at the best of times. She would much rather be taking advantage in between battles to have as much fun as possible. Mina's attitude wasn't quite as bad as S
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Yes Nineveh was spared then, however approximately 150 years after Jonah lived there was another prophet of God named Nahum and he predicted destruction for Ninevah. It is believed that Nahum wrote his prophecy shortly before 612BC when Nineveh was invaded and obliterated by the combined forces of the Mede and Babylonian armies.

What should be made of this? Well I once heard a preacher speak about Jonah saying that Nineveh's repentance was not really genuine. That they did not really mean to renounce their wicked behaviours and only made a show out of pure trembling fear of disaster. So eventually they were wiped out after all.

I find this a difficult interpretation to accept though. Here's why. Turning back to Matthew 12 Jesus added in verse 41 "The Ninevites will rise up at the Judgement Day and condemn the religious leaders of this day, because they repented at the words of Jonah." Get that. The people of Nineveh repented when they heard Jonah. Jesus is testifying to the redemption of the Ninevites. He's saying that they did indeed repent and turn from their evil ways, even though it seems hot-headed vindictive Jonah never actually called them to repent. It never says he offered them any hope that they could find forgiveness with God and be spared, only that he went around proclaiming their doom in 40 days. Yet on what they heard God's Spirit was able to stir them to seek His Grace and it seems that this was a unique miracle on God's part to save the entire city. So they will one day testify against the scribes and pharisees who refused to repent when Jesus spoke to them in perfect love untainted by sinful corruption.

Therefore it all makes sense and fits together if you understand that the Ninevites of Jonah's time genuinely repented and were saved from sin, but over a century and a half their descendants had returned to the old wicked ways of life their ancestors had once followed. God knew this generation was beyond hope of repentance, in fact not only Nineveh but the whole Assyrian nation it was part of, were hardened in rebellion.So God's servant Nehum pronounced their doom and they were all destroyed in war. It wasn't until 1845 that archaelogists discovered Nineveh's buried remains.

Incedentally in between Jonah and Nahum is found the pages of the prophet Micah. Like many of the others he spoke out against the sins of Israel. Because of their corruption breaking God's laws and rejecting him to serve the gods of the other nations they were eventually taken into exile in Babylon as seen in Daniel. Some of them actually went to Assyria instead and Nahum is written after the survivors returned from exile with hearts devoted to serving their God faithfully. Nahum speaks words to encourage and comfort them that though Assyria had been used by Him to chastise them now He would break their oppression forever. God judged Israel when they sinned as much as other nations, some of whom were vanquished like Nineveh. He never fully wiped out Israel though. It was His plan to eventually have His Son be born as one of them to redeem all His people world-wide from their sins.
Covered some very thought provoking ground in the Bible by now. Two of God's prophets, Jonah and Nahum deal with the lost ancient city of Nineveh.
Jonah is one of those books that has been most challenged historically. Unlike the other prophetical books, this is not a series of prophetic oracles but rather an account of incidents in the life of Jonah. Because Jonah is said to have been swallowed by a huge fish and later vomited out alive, some claim that this is only a fantastical fable or parable with a spiritual message. But Jesus Himself testified that Jonah is a true story in Matthew 12:39-40. He said that just as Jonah spent three days in the fish's belly, so He would spend three days in the grave before His resurrection.

Jonah was told by God to go to the great city of Nineveh and warn the people that their many wicked practices would mean their destruction. He did not want to obey though because Nineveh was Israel's enemy. He ran out to sea and God sent a storm so that he told the sailors to throw him overboard. They reluctantly did praying to Jonah's God for mercy and a huge fish swallowed the prophet. The sailors were spared when the sea grew calm and made vows to God. Jonah was miraculously kept alive and spewed out onto dry land and God gave him the same command. Jonah went, but reluctantly. He still wanted Nineveh to be judged and merely proclaimed that God would destroy the people in 40 days. The Bible says that the Ninevites were afraid and repented, the king decreeing that they cease their evil and pray for mercy wearing sackcloth. Jonah was very angry when he saw them repent and that God spared them. He sat watching and hoping that God would change His mind. God dealt gently with him, letting him know that he was wrong to be angry. God said should He not have pity for the people of Nineveh and show them mercy in return for their genuine display of sorrow for their sins and heartfelt repentance.

Jonah's response is not recorded, but it is to be hoped that he came to his senses.

Serena's friends were all visiting her in her bedroom and she was visiting the kitchen to find something for them to snack on. Her parents were out shopping and Sammy was at a baseball game. The kitchen was deserted as Serena poked around in all the cupboards. “Where is something really sweet?” She muttered to herself. “Isn't there anything special around?”

Then she noticed a smell wafting from the microwave oven. It made her mouth water and she took a look inside. “Ah. It's a pie. Perfect.” She eagerly removed it carefully with oven mittens and put it on a tray taking it up to her friends along with a bottle of orange soda she'd found in the fridge. They all gasped in awe as she cut the slices and urged them to dig in.

Luna and Artemis were astonished. “Where did that come from?”

“You didn't bake that pie did you Serena?”

“No Artemis. I found it in the microwave. I'm sure Mum must have baked it for me. I've been asking for some baked goodies.”

Raye's voice dripped with oily sarcasm. “Oh, very good to hear that your mother made it. Then we know for sure it's safe to eat.”
Her other friends chuckled and Amy added, “Yes. The last thing we need is to catch food poisoning before our final exams.”

“Hey now. What's that supposed to mean?” Serena was feeling incensed, but Lita quickly spoke to defuse the situation.

“Oh nothing. Nothing at all.” Then she began to distribute the pie on dishes. “Here for you. For you. For you.”

Even Luna and Artemis tucked into samples. It was delicious. Mina said, “This apple pie is good. It has real apples in it.”

“Well Mina,” said Lita. “I guess Serena's mum likes the very best ingredients for her pastries.”
Serena swallowed a mouthful and said, “Sure is yummy.”

Suddenly there was a knock on the bedroom door and Rini's voice called out, “Hey Serena. Do you know where my apple pie that was in the microwave went to?”

Everybody froze in the midst of eating in shock and Serena gulped and spoke to the door without turning her head. “Um. Y-your apple pie, you say?”
“Yeah. I made it by myself. Your mother taught me how. Mind if I come in and talk to you a minute?”
Serena was struggling to try to make a reply of any sort as the door flew open and Rini's eyes grew as large as saucers when she beheld everybody eating her pie. She clenched her fists and began to tremble.

“Y-you've been eating MY pie!”

“We didn't know Rini,” said Lita.

“Serena brought it in to us,” Amy spoke mournfully.

“You're a thieving Meatball-Head Serena!” Rini was enraged and Mina admonished Serena.

“Why didn't you find out whose it was first?”
Raye leaped to her feet. “On behalf of the planet Mars, I shall punish you Serena for stealing a pie.”

She seized Serena's cheeks and began to pull on them. Serena cried out. “Ohhh. Leggo Ay. Pease. You're hurring me.”

Raye did not really mean to be cruel. Only firm. Realizing she had gone far enough she released Serena and she collapsed backwards in a half faint.

Rini was still ranting though. “I made that pie for Malcolm!”

Serena made a sudden fast recovery as her ears pricked up, “Who's Malcolm Rini?”

Rini's mood suddenly changed. She gasped and blushed. “It's not important. I must go now.”
She left but a split-second later she was back speaking angrily once more. “But you're still a lousy, pie-pinching creep. I love my mother in the future, but I hate you. I'll never forgive you for this.”
Then she was gone.

Amy asked where Rini was going. Serena answered, “She's going to an art class. She wants to learn how to make sculptures.”
Lita remarked, “Sounds like she's made a friend at her art class.”
Luna said, “I think this Malcolm means much more to Rini than mere friendship. She put a lot of effort into making this apple pie and she blushed and didn't want to talk when she let his name slip out.”

Artemis said, “I think as soon as Serena finishes wolfing down the last of the pie she stole she had better go out and buy Rini something to apologize.”
“Hey!” Serena just barely swallowed a mouthful so she could protest. “I need my money for my own treats!”
Her friends agreed with Artemis though. “How would you like it if somebody had stolen a pie you planned to give Darien?”
“You need to make it up to Rini.”
“You go out and buy her a treat to make up Serena, or else I'll pull your cheeks again.”
Raye's savage threat was enough to humble even Serena. “Okay. Okay. I'm going.”
Luna added, “This is between you and Rini Serena. If we don't hear that you have fulfilled your obligation you shall answer to us.”
Raye's pointer fingers and thumbs were acting menacingly like crab's claws and Serena gulped in fear and she set off after Rini. But her friends all agreed that Luna should secretly follow Serena.

Meanwhile at the headquarters of the Heartsnatchers Eudial was feeling very wound up as she waited for Germatoid to announce which of the creatures were to accompany her on her next dreaded mission. She could not explain what had been going on before, but Mistress 9 was convinced she was using her magic to try to protect certain members of the Tomoes' daughters in defiant disobedience to commands to stay uninvolved in their battles even if they died. If anything happened again this time she shuddered to think what it would mean for her.

As she sat in her chair she heard a voice behind her. “Eudial.”
With a gasp she turned to see Mimette approach. “Eudial. The others and I have noticed lately you seem to be upset and edgy. Is something wrong?”
None of the other witches suspected that Eudial was facing terrible punishment because of their actions. They were mutually concerned that she wasn't her usual self though and had selected Mimette to speak to her.

Eudial got to her feet smiling nervously. Mistress 9 had forbidden her to say a word to the others and she struggled to find some harmless reply. “Oh! Mimette, um, it's nothing really. I'm, ah, only worried about these strange girls in those outfits. The creatures are keeping them busy while I get more heart victims, but I hope they don't spoil our plans and restore them all to normal like last time. And if Kaori is restored how would we explain to all the creatures? They'd mob us.”
This reply sounded sensible to Mimette and she placed her hand on Eudial's shoulder speaking comfortingly. “I understand. The rest of us have discussed some of these points you've mentioned. We've agreed that as far as Kaori is concerned we will keep her hidden away and not send her with the rest of our new growing zombie army as a precaution. Our masters will come up with a plan to fully defeat them I'm sure. They have great powers. Have faith in them Eudial.”
Eudial was touched by Mimette's words. She thanked her and shared a brief hug. “I'll try to be strong. Thank the others for me.”
Mimette promised and Eudial felt strangely glad she couldn't tell her the truth. The last thing she wanted was to upset her friends. She had enough reason to be upset without letting them worry too.

Meanwhile Germatoid was deep in thought while the creatures were going through their training. Of course, he was considering which two to send out this time, but he was also concerned about Doorknobdar. Naturally not for her well-being. She had been expelled from the training for her weak uselessness however she was a distraction to some of the others. Chagama, Toden and Haikyun had all been spending time with her giving her consolement. In fact they had even encouraged her to socialize with Hotaru and Tomodachi in their room where extra beds had been squeezed in for Nekonelle and Osoji while their broken arms were healing. All of them were starting to form a sisterly bond once more with Hotaru and Germatoid was worried that it would spread to the rest if something wasn't done about it. Somehow Doorknobdar would have to be destroyed soon.

As for Hotaru her condition was strange. She didn't have any fever or pain as such. She explained to Doorknobdar, Tomodachi and the rest of her sisters. “I know there's nothing really wrong with me. Yet I often feel uncomfortable and my strength is sapped. It feels like our sisters we lost, Cenecienta, Soiya, Dieheart and Chouton are all converged inside my stomach. As they all squirm around trying to get out I become nauseous and dizzy, unable to stand on my feet and look after myself.”
“That sounds weird,” said Nekonelle.

“Extraordinary,” mused Osoji.

Tomodachi felt a little freaked out by it. “I'm scared. I can't understand what is happening and these attacks against our family are so upsetting.”
Chagama stood up and went over to hug her. “There there Tomo. Be of good cheer. When our aunties, especially Eudial, finally help us destroy our enemies I'm sure Hotaru will settle down. It's just a combination of grief and worry.”
“Th-thank you Chagama.” Tomo sobbed gratefully upon her shoulder and Hotaru thanked her too.

They had all followed Chagama's example of taking their shoes off when they gathered together and they often had tea ceremonies officiated by her. Doorknobdar sipped her tea and said, “I really hope Daddy will forgive me for disappointing him when this is all over.”
“He will Doorknobdar. You'll see that he will return to his old happy loving self again,” Toden assured her.

Haikyun said grimly, “I certainly hope no more of us will be killed in the meantime.”

But “Daddy” was just the shell of himself. He was alive but his consciousness was in a possessed coma and Germatoid was dwelling inside his body and mind. Doorknobdar did not know how much reason she had to fear, though for now he was concerned with more immedate matters. “Chiseler and Daruma will be sent out next. I'll make announcement to them and Mistress 9 shall get Eudial ready,” he thought to himself with cold planning.

Soon Eudial was ready to go. Chiseler had been created from a set of sculptor artist tools. Half her face had the appearance of a normal person while the other half resembled some abstract face carved from stone. Overall blue texture, an enormous ear and an equally huge yellow eye. The rest of her looked just like an abstract statue with blue and purple down one side and protrusions like mini-shark fins on both her arms and legs. Strange thing was even though she wore no clothing apart from a red beret on her green hair, her body seemed to naturally form its own clothes with its bright colours. Nothing indecent was visible.

As for Daruma, her clothing closely resembled the patterns of a daruma doll from which she was made. She was dressed in a red upper body suit with yellow stripes on the chest area, black arms between shoulders and elbows and four rings of assorted colours around her stomach. Her legs were bare except for red knee coverings and her feet were in red high heels.

They all said farewell to everybody else. Their sisters wished them and Auntie Eudial the best of luck and the other witches made a show of the same. Eudial was feeling very nervous as she drove away with the pair of them, however none of her coven members felt particularly attached to either Chiseler or Daruma, so none of them secretly followed. They just congregated down in the underground base where Kaori and the other zombies stood still moaning next to the cabinet where their beating hearts were stored in a creepy row.

Getting back to Rini, when she was approaching her art school she had a big shock in addition to the shock of Serena stealing her pie that she baked for Malcolm. As she rounded the corner she pulled up with a gasp and quickly ducked down behind some convenient nearby rubbish bins. Malcolm was standing at the front gate greeting the art teacher as she arrived with a beautiful bouquet of red flowers in his hands. “Hello Miss Manchester.”

Miss Manchester was in her early thirties, six and a half feet tall with bright blue eyes and ginger hair. Looking down in surprise she exclaimed, “Oh hello Malcolm. What have you got there?”

Malcolm struggled to find the right words. “Well. Um.”
“What's the matter?”

Plucking up courage he handed the bouquet to her. “I bought you these roses Miss Manchester because I think you're very special.”
She took the roses exclaiming, “Oh how lovely they are! Thank you.”
“I chose red because they stand for love,” he explained.

Rini gasped and thought, “Oh no. He can't prefer our teacher over me!”
Miss Manchester bent down and gently kissed Malcolm's cheek. “This is very sweet of you.”
In her distress Rini accidentally bumped one of the bins making a sound that drew attention to her.

“Why hello Rini. I didn't see you over there,” said Miss Manchester.

Malcolm waved and grinned. “Hi Rini.”
Rini controlled herself and waved back. “Uh. Hello Miss Manchester and Malcolm.”
Miss Manchester said, “Better come inside Malcolm and Rini. Everybody else must be inside waiting for me so class can begin. We mustn't keep them waiting and I shall need to put these adorable roses in a vase of water.”

“Okay.” Malcolm followed her like a devoted pet dog and Rini fumed to herself.

“Well if I'm up against competition, I'll do whatever it takes to win Malcolm's heart.” So saying she went in after them.

Luna finally caught up with Serena at the entrance of the art school five minutes after Rini had gone inside. “Serena! What exactly are you doing?”
“Oh Luna,” Serena jumped. “You gave me a start. Why are you here?”
Luna sighed. “I've been keeping an eye on you ever since you left.”

“Serena can it! I haven't seen you go to any store and buy anything for Rini. Answer my question please. What are you up to?”

“If you must know I decided that since I took that apple pie and spoiled the surprise Rini had planned for her friend, first and foremost I should keep a close watch on her and make sure she is getting on well with him.”
“You can't just go spying on her. That would be trespassing.”
“I won't be doing that Luna. I'll just use this old handy tool that's sitting in my pocket.”
“Oh no. You can't mean,” Luna groaned guessing correctly what Serena meant as she dug it out.


“I hope she doesn't goof things up terribly.” Luna gritted her teeth as Serena ran off and knocked at the door introducing herself to Miss Manchester. She was surprised not expecting an assistant to drop in but she welcomed her and introduced her to the class. Rini, who was working next to Malcolm at their desks, raised one eyebrow suspiciously.

In the meantime Eudial was parking the car just one block away as Mistress 9 instucted her. She indicated to Chiseler and Daruma, “I sense we will find at least one of those enemies nearby. Follow me.”
“We're behind you all the way dear aunt.”
“We trust you with our lives fully.”

The street was quiet and empty as the trio walked towards the art school and Eudial was inwardly terrified though she kept a calm demeanour outwardly.

Mistress 9 was hissing menacingly in her brain. “Don't you dare think of any interference this time Eudial, or else I'll be reporting you to Germatoid.”
Eudial was so scared she made no reply whatsoever.

Getting back to the art class, while Miss Manchester was walking around checking on how all the students were doing with their sculptures, Serena was pleased to see that she was starting over at the opposite end of the room from Malcolm and Rini. She went over to the table they shared and said to Rini, “Why, hello little girl.”
But Rini whispered angrily, “What are you doing here? I recognize you Serena!”

Serena was taken aback but whispered in return, “It's okay. I'm here to help your romance blossom.”
Rini groaned as Malcolm spoke up. “Hello Miss. I haven't met you before. I'm Malcolm.”

“Nice to meet you Malcolm. My name is, ah, Miss Cupid.”
“You mean Miss Stupid,” thought Rini as Serena took her hand and Malcolm's hand in each of hers.

“I believe I heard your name is Rini. Malcolm I hope you and Rini will be very good friends and make beautiful sculptures together one day.”

Malcolm was surprised unsure of what to make of this. Blushing he said with a laugh, “Okay. Sure. Be right back.”

Breaking away he went off on pretense of getting some more modelling clay and Serena whispered, “Look Rini. I've opened the door for you. Why don't you go over and talk to Malcolm?”

“Please go away Serena. You're embarrassing me.”

Luna watching through the outside window pane was distressed worrying about what might happen. But the next moment she had plenty of reason to be distressed and worried as to everybody's mutual shock Chiseler and Daruma suddenly came charging into the classroom. “Our Auntie Eudial told us we could find one of the Sailor Scouts in here.” Chiseler brandished a mallet and sculpting blade as she shouted.
“Show yourselves and fight!” Daruma twirled a giant calligraphy brush. “We like art ourselves, but at the moment we have a deep score to settle.”

Before Miss Manchester and all the children could begin to panic, Serena shouted, “It's me you want you monsters! MOON COSMIC POWER!”

As Sailor Moon transformed Miss Manchester said, “It's going to be all right children. Sailor Moon is here.”

The kids were thrilled to see her and clapped their hands and cheered. Rini could not become Sailor Mini-Moon without revealing her secret identity.

Daruma stepped forward first. “Prepare to fight back.”
Sailor Moon became all cocky and began to scoff. “Oh yeah sure. You really think you can hurt me with that large, silly brush?”

Luna was still watching to see what would happen and she needed to quickly dive for cover as Sailor Moon came hurtling through the window smashing the glass. Fortunately she was not cut or scratched in the process and Tuxedo Mask gracefully came bounding out of nowhere to catch her safely in his powerful arms.

He put her down on her feet as Daruma and Chiseler charged together brandishing their weapons. Meanwhile back inside Eudial entered and upon orders from Mistress 9, proceeded to trap victims beginning with Miss Manchester. She barely had time to ask Eudial who she was before being sealed and sent to the other witches for heart extraction. Then just as the students all began ti shriek in terror she concentrated hard and magically ensnared them all. “Good work Eudial,” said Mistress 9. “Send them back slowly one at a time every fifteen seconds so that Mimette and the others are not over swamped with their work.”

Eudial was still a bundle of nerves, but she outwardly composed herself and said, “Y-ye-es Mistress 9.” The first student vanished. Malcolm and Rini were trapped in their bubbles towards the end of the row. Everybody beat and kicked in vain trying to escape. Rini was furious, but also genuinely worried.

Tuxedo Mask was duelling Daruma using his cane against the huge calligraphy brush she had just used to throw Sailor Moon through the window. Meanwhile Chiseler was running at her swinging her mallet and stabbing with her blade. Sailor Moon desperately dodged and weaved while Luna leaped upon Chiseler's back digging her claws painfully in. Chiseler howled in pain and tried to shake Luna off flailing her arms. Luna shouted. “Hurry Sailor Moon! Attack!”
“Thank you Luna.” Sailor Moon quickly produced her scepter and wound up its power. “MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK!”

As the enormous magical heart formed and shot towards Chiseler, Luna jumped off her back and bounded away. Chiseler barely had time to register anything as it collided obliterating her.

At that very moment Hotaru went into convulsions startling all her sisters present with her.

“Hotaru! What's wrong?” gasped Toden.

Chagama and Haikyun quickly ran to her side and gently supported her so she wouldn't fall while Nekonelle and Osoji watched with concern from their beds. Tomodachi was very upset and hugged Doorknobdar for mutual comfort.

As for Daruma, she had seen Chiseler's fate while fighting Tuxedo Mask and she screamed in horror. “Chiseler! No!”

Looking around she began to panic. “Auntie Eudial!” Eudial was nowhere to be seen and Tuxedo Mask took advantage of her own distraction to knock the brush out of her grip and hit her on the side of her head with his cane stunning her.

“Finish her off too Sailor Moon,” he urged and Sailor Moon quickly fired up another giant heart. As Daruma was hit her last thoughts were, “Auntie Eudial. Why did you abandon us at our time of dire need?”

Hotaru jerked her body in the arms of Chagama and Haikyun. Tomodachi buried her face in Doorknobdar's chest weeping and Nekonelle shouted, “Get her on her bed!” Toden assisted the others in carefully lying her down and they gently asked her if she was all right.

The main shock was beginning to settle but Hotaru was still upset. She could feel Chiseler and Daruma added to the others deep inside her. She knew what had happened and all her dead sisters were inside her weighing her down even more. She actually had a feeling she should be able to understand what was going on. However it was all a perplexing blank to her.

Meanwhile Sailor Moon and Luna were preparing to go back to the school and make sure everybody was okay. Tuxedo Mask had typically slipped away into the cover of the trees and bushes, though he did re-emerge as Darien since he was of course, worried about Rini.

He was following the other two when Rini, Malcolm and the other students came running towards them. Sailor Moon and Luna could sense that something was not completely well by the expressions on their faces. “What is the matter?” asked Sailor Moon.

Rini took the position of spokesperson in reply while Darien caught up. “Our teacher, Miss Manchester and a couple of our fellow students were spirited away by a strange woman with red hair. She would have eventually taken us all including Malcolm and myself, but she was fought off by two tall ladies dressed in similar outfits to you Sailor Moon. She quickly disappeared when they sent an enormous wave of water towards her. We were all freed but they didn't stay long. They ran out the front entrance and vanished in a single bound. They only tarried just enough to look at us all and the one with short, blond hair only said, “Pluto is coming Small Lady,” before they dashed off.”

The kids all wanted to know what was going on, who those strange Scouts were and what would happen to their teacher and classmates. Sailor Moon said, “I wish I could answer your questions. I promise though my friends and I will work hard on finding Miss Manchester and your friends.”

She, Luna and Darien were all troubled in their minds as to what this could all be leading to. They still had no idea who Uranus and Neptune were, but they knew Pluto. So Trista was coming to join her allies in the search for Sailor Saturn. Would she confide in the Inner team? Would the Outers all work with the rest of them or would Trista be just as coldly aloof as her colleagues? And who were behind these creepy extraordinary attacks? When they solved the mystery would they be able to defeat them? These were all ominous questions indeed.

Update on my Bible Studies. Upon doing Daniel after going through the entire New Testament since Daniel is the Old Testament counterpart to Revelation in style of prophecy I have decided to follow the sequence with all the shorter books of prophets through to where the New Testament begins.

First of all I have prayed for the Spirit's enlightenment on understanding the historical background and I use Daniel's visions to highlight my belief that we can never be certain what 99% of the Revelation given to John on the island of Patmos can mean before they are fulfilled. Daniel's vision of four frightening beasts appearing out the sea did not literally come to pass for example. They merely symbolized the coming in succession of the kingdoms of Nebuchadnezzar (Babylon), Darius (Medea/Persia), Alexander the Great (Greece) and the Roman Empire. Daniel himself met the first two rulers in his lifetime and the first 6 chapters of his book attests to the historical background. Therefore any attempt to identify what the 7 angels with trumpets, the 4 horses and their riders and all the very woes and plagues described in Revelation is, for the most part, idle speculation. They may literally happen in part at least, but we will never know what they mean until they come to pass.

As for the other prophets after Daniel so far, they are to be understood as real men who were called by God to speak prophetic oracles of His judgement to Israel for their sinful rebellion. They tell of things that God called them to do and say. They say the Word of God that was sent to Hosea, Joel etc. Hosea was instructed to marry an unfaithful woman Gomer who left him for other men. Then when she fell into poverty and was reduced to living as a harlot for money God told him to reconcile with her and forgive her as an illustration of the way God longed to forgive His people Israel for deserting Him to go after other gods of the other nations.

Joel speaks of a plague of locusts that devastated Israel's crops at a time when they were abusing the grain and the wine living in drunken luxury. God urged them to repent through Joel's message and promised to restore their harvest when they turned their hearts back to Him.

Amos was a shepherd called by God to be a prophet and deliver judgement upon the evil nations surrounding Israel and then upon Israel herself. Because they served the Baals and calf idols set up by King Jeroboam God threatened punishment by sending them to exile in Babylon. This indeed took place under Nebuchadnezzar and the prophet Daniel went to Babylonia with the other captives of Israel. It all comes together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Now I've begun the shortest prophet's book, Obadiah. His message is concerned with condemning Edom for their hostilities towards Israel. Edom was a brother nation to Israel since they both were descended from the brothers Eaua and Jacob (who was also known as Israel) respectively. There are no historical background given to Obadiah, but that is no reason to doubt he was a real man given this message of Judgement to wicked Edom. Edom would be destroyed for their sins and their nation eventually disappeared.

But I had a friend tell me at church today that understanding the historicity of this is good, however it should be leading me to a deeper close relationship with God through the message of sin and the need for forgiveness. In this light I have decided that when I pray before studying I will ask the Spirit to prepare my heart to recognize and accept the truth like always, but add for an increased awareness of Jesus and His love towards me.
LOS ANGELES – Wile E. Coyote, the only actor to ever play the coyote on the long-running Warner Brothers cartoon, Roadrunner, was killed in a tragic on-set accident today. He was 63.

The disaster occurred when Coyote ran through the wrong fake tunnel entrance and tumbled over a cliff ledge. Though the actual drop is only about 20 feet, the actor missed the safety mats and landed on a cement floor. An on-set doctor was unable to resuscitate him.

It is uncertain whether Coyote was inadvertently sent into the wrong tunnel by stunt coordinators or he simply made a fatal mistake. Warner Brothers officials are promising a full investigation.

“I don’t know how this could have happened,” said the show’s director, Elroy Jetson, himself a former cartoon actor. “We’ve done this stunt a million times. It’s just a tragedy.”

Coyote’s co-star in the show, Road Runner, also 63, was too despondent too speak with reporters, but his agent later released a statement that read, “Meep Meep.”

Got this from from :iconanicomicgeek: and 

"There's a hacker lurking around dA that will change your password and put Thomas the tank engine pics in your and post

They will post bad pics only if they hack your account. If they found out you posted a journal entry about this warning, they will know what's up and they won't hack your account. They will also be posting journal entries saying things like "I hate you all! Go die!" and remove all your watchers. The best thing you could do now is copy this warning and post for all your friends and watchers to see and spread the word! The hacker will go around hacking accounts and block your friends to get your friends to block you back, get you in trouble, and get you banned from dA. If you want to save your account, you should make a journal entry with this warning to keep the hacker from hacking your account. So, "SPREAD THE WORD" "


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